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Our Services


Aftercare is the support of both the young person and their parents in creating a plan and the environment to help them hold on to the positive changes and progress made in a wilderness or residential treatment program, or therapeutic boarding school. We help them transition back to their natural surroundings of school, friends, and family, or independent living. Think of it as physical therapy after surgery. There is a lot of work to be done at home to get back to functionality and health. Aftercare makes sure that the changes, structure and education are happening at home in preparation for the reunion and return to regular family life. It's also the crucial support for the months following discharge and the "honeymoon phase," to keep the "testing phase" crises to a minimum and total relapse unlikely.

There are three levels of service we offer at Homeward Bound, with different features and length. We'd be happy to discuss them with you when you call.

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Earlycare is much the same as aftercare, as far as the assessment, guidance and long-term support goes, however it is used as an intervention, rather than follow-up. The purpose is to possibly prevent the need for sending a teen away for weeks, months, or even years to an out-of-home treatment facility. If you are feeling like you have exhausted your options and weekly therapy isn't working, you may want to try the next logical step which is bringing intensive help into your home first, before you commit to the separation and cost of an adolescent treatment program. Some people tease that our coaches are like the Super Nanny, without the cameras or British accent! We think you'll be comforted and pleased with what they can do for you. 


Born in 2005, Homeward Bound came into being out of the singular goal of increasing the long-term success of teens following treatment. We are recognized as the pioneers in nationwide in-home aftercare support for struggling teens and young adults. Diving into the research we identified keys that made long-term success possible, in an environment fraught with bad habits, pressure and constant temptations. Our curriculum is based on this research, our processes were refined over the years of traveling to the homes of hundreds of families, and our quality continues to be stellar. (Read the letters written to you from our past parents).

It is rare that someone stumbles upon our site alone. Nearly 100% of our families come from referrals from professionals or other relieved parents. Homeward Bound's nationally recognized experts, and highly trained Masters and Doctoral level professionals are experienced and confident in unifying parents, easing anxiety, and coordinating natural mentors and local professionals to see the greatest success at home or in adult life. Whether helping families before or following treatment, our tools and experience are a wonderful compliment to your own family's strengths. 

Read Letters From Our Parents >


If you are ready to learn more about how Homeward Bound can help your family's unique situation, we encourage you to call us anytime so that we can learn more about you. Or if you'd rather, simply fill out the Request for Information form by clicking the top right corner of this site. We will contact you right away.

Please understand that you aren't alone. You are in good company if you struggle with parenting a difficult young person. At Homeward Bound, helping you at home is what our coaches do. Nothing you are dealing with scares us. We help good families rally around their child and make the concrete changes needed to keep them from destructive emotions or behaviors.

So contact us anytime and let's decide together if we are a good fit for your needs. We'd love to be of help.